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Who We Are

I started Created Beautifully after having been in visual merchandising for the past decade. Having always appreciated handcrafted items I decided I'd love to turn my creativity towards making a line of nature inspired jewelry. Being self taught has been a challenge but one that has grown my skills in an organic way to produce pieces that are very much inspired by natural beauty. I design with the idea that jewelry can be unique and make a statement while being simple enough to wear everyday.

After a few years I decided to expand my work to include hand made clutches, handbags and accessories. My mom had taught me to sew as a child and getting back to something I enjoyed so much was just the springboard I needed for creating a line of bags.  I have worked with other North Carolina artisans to create some limited collaboration works as well.

I create everything in my home studios in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina. My two studio dogs Sophie and Max are constantly underfoot and keeping me company. You will find my husband Jared working right by my side at art markets and up late nights at his "second job". He handles my graphic designs and also helps with some of my production when he has the time. We are a team of makers and doers and always have at least one new project in the works.

Life is full of beauty - and I hope my designs can bring a little of it to your life.

~Jennifer Cashel