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       Created Beautifully was born unexpectedly.

      What started as a search for nature's hidden beauty blossomed into this little company of mine. 

      After having been in retail as a visual merchandiser for several years, and putting my husband through nursing school, I longed to create beautiful things to share with others. I have always been crafty and my mom had taught me to sew when I was just a little girl. So I left retail and opened an Etsy shop selling Bird Nest Jewelry and Fabric Hair Bows. As my skills grew so did my reach. I developed a love for metal smithing, and after much trial and error, designed a line of natured inspired jewelry.

      After a few years my work expanded to include hand made leather clutches, bags and accessories. We started sourcing our leather from local upholestry shops and found that a wealth of beautiful leather just waiting to be utilized. 

      My sister Stephanie now works with me out of my home studio in the heart of Concord, North Carolina.

      Life is full of beauty - and we hope our designs can bring a little of it to your life.

      ~Jennifer Cashel